The Happy Marketeer

Hello there!

I am a retired Training Manager who has spent the last 30 years in pharmaceutical manufacturing, primarily in Quality Assurance, developing quality information systems and training programs for manufacturing employees, ensuring quality systems and procedures complied with industry and government standards.

I have always been a self-starter...never one to wait around for people to show me how to do things...never afraid to dive in and learn for myself what I needed to know...and always tried to make things better to save time and money.

I did make mistakes...but NEVER the same one twice!

For the last ten years or so, I had wanted to try my hand at something new. I really wanted to do more on the internet but I just didn't think I had the time working a full-time, very demanding job.

Boy was I wrong! When I finally starting looking into internet marketing, I quickly realized I could have been doing this all my life! Even more so now, with everything automated and on "autopilot", I can do so much more than I ever thought possible and so easily and quickly.

Well...needless to say I was hooked...and as I always say, "it's never too late to start!".

Call me crazy! but I just love to learn something new and share it with whoever wants to listen.

I know our younger generations are thirsty for knowledge and I'm anxious to share it with them because I truly believe our GenX babies will be learning computers before they learn the alphabet...just watch my grandaughter!

I am not an expert by a long shot, but I would love to share what I do know and what I learn as I learn it, because I am ALWAYS learning.

This is how I can help you! I've looked at most of the major systems and software tools out there so I can make some recommendations. I will share everything I have learned so far if you will share your challenges with me.

Please like my Facebook page and connect with me so we can network through social media and continue learning together. Let's keep our brains fueled and learn something new every day!

Likes and Loves​
I love to learn! I love to teach!

So much so, I should have been a teacher! Instead, I opted into nursing at the age of 18. Once I received my license in the U.K. I moved to the U.S. in 1975. I worked at Harris Hospital for 9 years but I wasn't too happy with nursing in the U.S. so I left Harris and entered the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry at Alcon Labs in South Fort Worth. I found myself suddenly developing new systems when computers were brought in house. Far be it from me to not take the plunge and learn something new and with that, I fulfilled my passion for learning and found my passion.

My family

Sadly, my husband Doug, passed away in 2015 after years of ill health and finally a brain hemorrhage due to long-term use of blood thinners. While it was a shock to us all, I thank God for taking him the way he did, quietly and peacefully. Our two daughters and their families are the center of my life, I have two wonderful parents and brother and his family, back home in England. Just so you know, after 42 years in the U.S., I no longer have a British accent UNTIL I get together with them...then it's like I never left!

My mother would want me to tell you that they have visited me every year since 1975. They saved every penny they could so they could visit me, knowing I could not afford to come home very often. I am eternally grateful to them for not allowing our family to drift apart and now that they are getting up in age, I think I will be the one visiting them more often than not.

My Grandchildren

I have three beautiful grandgirls and I love them all equally and unconditionally. Each one has a unique personality and they ALL love to spend time with Grandma! What more could a woman want?

Oh..and I like Mexican Food..well obsessed really!

If you ever ask me out to eat this is where we will go! YUM!! Hint! Hint!...LOL

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