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The Happy Marketeer

Hello there!

Believe it nor not! I am a retired Training Manager who has spent the last 30 years in pharmaceutical manufacturing, primarily in Quality Assurance, developing quality information systems and training programs for manufacturing employees.

I've always been a self-starter...never one to wait around for someone to show me what to do or how to do it. I am never afraid to dive in and dig for myself to learn what I need to know...and I am all about making things better to save time and money.

I've make some mistakes along the way, which is actually a blessing in disguise - because then I NEVER made that same mistake again. We live and we learn, right?

So, for the last twenty years or so, I had thought of trying my hand at something new... something entrepreneurial. I thought I would love to be my own boss, set my own hours, decide what would be my own goals and objectives (instead of someone else's). I was itching to dig deeper into the internet and try my hand at building an online business but...I just didn't have the time or the know-how. My full-time, very demanding, very high paying job was always my priority. 


But how I envied those talking about their internet sales and shopping websites. I was always wondering "what was I missing?".

Well forward to 2017 - I actually did it!! I 'made' time to build myself an online store! Check it out here or go to


Gosh it really is so simple. CHILD's PLAY in fact - no really I'm serious! While I'm asleep in my bed, I am frequently awoken by the rings and pings going off on my phone from sales coming in from all parts of the world. It's

I AM HOOKED and it's never too late for ANYONE to get started because in this day and age everyone needs a backup plan because - well who knows when or how all the craziness will end.

I believe our younger generations are always anxious to gain financial independence and thirsty to build knowledge of entrepreneurship  and I am just as anxious to share my knowledge with them. I honestly believe babies will be learning computers before they even learn the alphabet before long. I know this from watching my granddaughter with her electronics since she was 2. She's 8 now and there is nothing she can't do on my laptop.

I am not an expert, which is why I don't charge for my services...but I do have some tips and tricks up my sleeve so check out my "Build Your Online Business" page and PLEASE SHOP MY STORE! You can send in questions you have through the chat button or just email me at

My Likes and Loves​
My Family

Sadly, my husband passed away in 2015 after years of ill health and finally a brain hemorrhage due to long-term use of blood thinners. While it was a shock to us all, I thank God for taking him quietly and peacefully as he so deserved. Our two daughters and their families are the center of my life, I have two wonderful parents back home and a brother who gave me a wonderful sister-in-law and a very talented and funny niece and nephew. Alas, after having lived in the US over 50 years, I no longer have a British accent - UNTIL I get together with them that is...then it's like I never left the UK! My mother would have me tell you about how they always saved enough money so they could visit me every single year since 1975, knowing I could not afford to come home very often. I am eternally grateful to them for not letting distance come between us and for keeping our family from drifting apart. Now that they are getting up in age, I think I will be the one to visit them more often than not.

I have two beautiful daughters and three crazy beautiful grandgirls. I love them all so much, equally and unconditionally. Each one has their own talent and unique personality, and I can proudly say they all LOVE spending time with Grandma! What more could a woman want?

My Work

I know now I really should have been a teacher! Instead, I opted into nursing at the age of 18. Once I received my license in the U.K. I moved to the U.S. in 1975. I worked as a nurse for 9 years but wasn't too happy with the hours. So I left nursing, decided I would be a stay at home Mom and quickly realized that wasn't going to work. I worked a few two-bit jobs then landed a great position as a lab clerk for a very prominent and successful pharma company in South Fort Worth, where I soon found myself smack dab in the middle of the great, new computer-age. Yes! I'd finally found my passion!

I tried it, I studied it, I learned so much that before long I was building databases for everyone trying to keep track of their paperwork. Far be it from me to not take the plunge and learn something new, because with that, I fulfilled my thirst for knowledge and was able to put it to work and see the fruits of my labor. I was so happy! I went on to become Quality Systems Analyst, Product Standards Manager, Documentation Manager and I finally retired as Training Manager in 2008 and I had loved every minute of it.

I retired with the knowledge that I was never really gong to stop working. I just wanted more learning and new challenges. I did return to work on contract to complete some big projects for my old company, while also figuring out how to build myself an internet business. So here I am! Happy with my successful online store, but still with a yearning to learn something new and now I can help others along the way. SOMEBODY STOP ME!

My Weakness

I work too much, but I love it. Oh and MEXICAN FOOD - always and forever! SO YUMMY!

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